Planned Events in CMSA 2019 and 2020 Year

CMS Practice - October 30th at 6PM - NRS ARENA -DECATUR TX

Join us for practice on Wednesday at 6pm. It might be cold but we have an AMAZING arena. Cost is $25 a person for members and $35 for Non-members. Bring your own banks or the club will have some to purchase. Let me know you are coming! If you bring someone with you we will give you a $10 discount!

NRS/Shootfire/TSG Turkey Shootout Nov. 23-24 - NRS ARENA - DECATUR TX

 Registration is now online for our shoot. YAY! 🎉 visit, go to events Look for : NRS / ShootFire/ TSG Turkey Shootout November 23-24

If you aren’t a current member of CMSA or TSG, we can do that together. It helps the club if you sign up through TSG. So let me know and we can help you register. Call Sheila at (940) 389-0404, She will help you! Thanks everyone for your support!